Hello lovely person. I like to write music and wander around at night. This is my wood between the worlds and the doorway to all my endeavors. Have a look around =]


Holly's first full-length album is here! Get it now on Itunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, etc.

Holly's first full-length album 'KING PATEN' is now available! Give it a listen. Click here for KING PATEN!
Have you heard? Holly is releasing a full length album called KING PATEN early this summer! Details about pre-order and a release date soon to come! 

The Orchard EP on itunes and Amazon etc.!!!


The Orchard EP - Cover Art by Rit

Holly henry the orcharp ep cover front

EP Cover art by Rit Suchat


Our team of three sat in The Library Recording Studio for 10 days and experimented, listened, discussed, analyzed, and created something even more complete and lovely than I had hoped. This music experience was beyond compare. To me, it didn’t even remotely feel like work.
A message to the team:
Matt, I truly believe that I could look high and low in every city of the world and not find a studio that even comes close to how perfect The Library was for this project. Its warm and artistic atmosphere made me both inspired and completely at ease. Not to mention the vast array of unique instruments/not actually instruments just sound samples you have tucked away in the studio made this EP sound so interesting and eclectic (and the fact that you know how to play them helped immensely). And, as for your production skills they are off the map (especially in Arbor which is a beautiful creation). You have a way of listening to me incoherently explain what I want and somehow still translate it perfectly. You made my ideas come to life. You took what I had in my mind and made it real as well as offering much-needed advice. Every suggestion you made was spot-on.Thank you so much. It was nothing but a pleasure working with you. Your studio was my personal wonderland for those 10 days and I will definitely be back.

Josh, thank you for being my moral support. Your effortless energy and enthusiasm makes me want to keep going even when we have been in the studio for 6 hours. You say that I barely have to do any takes in the studio well..that’s because your positivity and encouragement make me feel confident and strong. I love your attitude and it truly made this album feel brighter.
You have a talent of listening to my music and hearing things I would never think of. Sometimes it’s very simple..like a riff or a chord or a weird sound here and there but those seemingly minor details become staple points in the song. You added such lovely elements to this EP. Thank you for putting your life on hold to be part of the team and for dealing with my feistiness when I get a bit overwhelmed. Your believing in me made this EP more confident and sure of itself. Thank you for bringing your unique input, ideas and your emanating positivity. Love you.

I hope you are excited for the release, everyone…I think I can speak for the three of us when I say we are very excited.

Winter's Over Music Festival


Had a great time at Winter's Over Music Festival!

Live footage from the Varsity show

Varsity Show!!!

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Thanks for coming to see me at the Varsity in Minneapolis last night. It was a blast!!!

Click on the pic for a review of the show!

"Katie" performed at YouTube Studio NYC

My new song "Grow"

A free song for you on my BandCamp page

My cover of "I Put a Spell on You" is featured in this stylish indie short film

I Won an Emmy!!!!! Wowzers!!!


Congrats to Erik and Karl who won an Emmy along with me tonight!!!

Honored to have my song "The Ghost" in this indie film

Regional Emmy Nominations!!!!

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Hey! I'm now a two-time Emmy-Nominated artist. Announced today, "Somewhere Out There" was nominated for best Musical Composition / Arrangement AND as part of a nominated commercial for The Olympics.

My song Hide and Seek is in this short film

New Single available NOW on iTunes

My new single "Hide and Seek" is NOW available on iTunes!!!

Get it here

GMP Session Diary #4 Holly Henry

Video Teaser For My New Single

Grow Music Project

Setting up a video shot for @growmusicprojct !   Loving Cali, and the new song!


Get "The Immigrant" EP signed by me!

Hey friends, you can get physical CDs of The Immigrant signed by me at Bandcamp

I got to sing on this spot for the Sochi Olympics

and this one too!


Yay!!! My new acoustic EP "The Immigrant" is available now at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, BandCamp and other digital retailers. Please buy it!!! Physical CD's will be available later in December.

Performing "The Immigrant"

Performing "Katie" at KARE 11 - love those guys

Hey, I'm at KS95

The old 4 chair turn on NBC's The Voice

I answer questions from fans



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