1. The Immigrant

From the recording The Immigrant


The Immigrant

I don't quite know
What it means
To feel your blood run next to mine
My words have
Fallen asleep
And my thoughts, they won't align
Yeah my thoughts, they wont align

I don't think
We're in love
Though you tell me that you like me best
You're not
Who I dream of
But I'm tied to the beating in your chest
Beating in your chest

Be still
Be still
Be still your love, your open heart
Because I can't fill it
No I can't fill it
Be still
Be still
Be still your love, your broken heart
Cause I will kill it, I will kill it

I'm The immigrant
Crossed the border to your heart
Babe, you're my best friend
And I don't want to tear you apart
To tear you apart

You're not my home x5

© 2013 Holly Henry & Garden Ghost Music